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Sri Lanka: The Pearl Of The Indian Ocean

Listed as Lonely Planet’s number one destination for 2013 and widely regarded as the place to visit in the new year, Sri Lanka is quickly becoming the place you need to experience before the world gets there first!

by Aaron Lyles

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I had the chance to travel a good majority of this gorgeous island last fall and only now am I able to process the memories and images that went along with it. What I discovered was nothing short of breathtaking.

DiTusa Travel-Sri Lanka-Beach-Sunrise

Sri Lanka is often called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean with its world-renowned tea plantations, rare gems, breathtaking beaches, Ayurveda centers, historic sites, and lush jungles. But after enduring the 26-year Sri Lankan civil war and one of the most devastating natural disasters of our lifetime, the tsunami, Sri Lanka and its 2,500-year history is once again undergoing a monumental rebirth. And it’s no wonder. Sri Lanka is an amalgamation of scarcity and spoils and the contrasting combination creates an inconceivable environment in which to explore. It’s an opportunity I’ve longed for and one that I highly recommend to anyone looking for a journey off the beaten path.

DiTusa Travel-Sri Lanka Beaches

If the parables of a far-off land prevent you from succumbing to Sri Lanka’s entire splendor, all the history, and the many natural wonders it contains, then you stand to deprive yourself an unparalleled adventure that few have the privilege to explore.

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Happy travels!

—Aaron Lyles

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