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Mexico Off the Beaten Path: Guanajuato

The Bajio is a region in central Mexico rich in culture and Mexican history.  It’s an absolutely fascinating part of this wonderful country that has much to offer for the traveler seeking  a memorable experience.  Two of the most famous of  it’s colonial hamlets, Guanajuato and San Miguel De Allende, are the focus of this blog and one soon to follow.


This is without a doubt, one of the most magical small towns I have ever visited.  Perhaps the best advise I can give is “get there – wander around  – get lost – but keep your eyes, ears and the rest of your senses wide open”.  Period.  End of blog.  Second thought, I need to tell you a bit and show you a few things for enticement purposes. 

Guanajuato is built on the side of a steep ravine at an elevation of 6800 feet.  Its fairytale-like setting adds to the charm of its maze of crooked alleyways, streets that wind in every direction, underground tunnels for passing cars and hodgepodge of multi-colored houses and historical buildings.  Guanajuato was named a  UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1988.


There is simply too much to list.   Think turn of the century performing art theatre (Teatro Juarez), great museums (Museo y Casa de Diego Rivera), stunning mountaintop churches like Templo de San Cayetano, local shops and galleries with a display of traditional arts and crafts, great restaurants, coffee shops, charming  cobblestone plazas at every other turn  and  street music performed by Medieval-style troubadours (Estudiantina) , all in a place with a young, college town vibe due to the prestigious Universidad de Guanajuato.   DiTusa Travel Group can create a detailed custom itinerary for your trip to the Bajio and Guanajuato.

Guanajuato-San Miguel D Allende_1840 copy


Casa Estrella de la Valenciana

Casa Estrella de la Valenciana is perched on the hillside overlooking the valley of Guanajuato.  This charming Inn (opened in 2002) was the vision of two American women who wanted to share their passion for Mexican art, music, history, food and culture with those not familiar with what Mexico truly has to offer.  The solution: open a B&B with home style comfort and luxury accommodations where guests can enjoy the treasures of colonial Mexico.  Add to the list a homemade hot breakfast on a beautiful veranda looking down at the city, beautiful pool and gardens in a charming neighborhood, just a short drive into town and a great staff that will help you maximize your experience.   My wife and I recently had the pleasure of staying at Casa Estrella.  It’s all that.

Guanajuato-San Miguel D Allende_1890_edited-1

Breakfast al fresco at Casa Estrella


Sharon Schaap, the inn’s owner, has been an ardent traveler and enthusiast for Mexico for the past 30 years.  She and her husband Ralph welcome visitors to their south of the border getaway whenever they can.

Guanajuato-San Miguel D Allende_1821 copy

Poolside at Casa Estrella


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Let us create a memorable experience for you.  Contact me for more information on a trip to Guanajuato and the Bajio. -Russ