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What’s Your Next Adventure?

Five days – 92 countries – 1860 different travel companies! That pretty much sums up the annual Virtuoso Travel Week that I recently attended at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

This was a terrific opportunity to  establish new relations with some of  the best  travel specialists all over the world and  to reconnect with those that I already work with on a regular basis. In between personal meetings, I attended workshops on great new destinations, exciting adventures and drop-dead gorgeous properties. So, what’s your next adventure?  We will  help you create it.

Listed below are some of the outstanding travel companies I had the pleasure of  meeting :


Lakani World Tours

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Providing incredible, independent journeys across the globe that offer the traveler the opportunity to interact with local people and their culture is what Lakani World Tours does best.  “Travel is the key to cultural understanding of contrasting traditions and discovery of the common thread which binds us together.” –Heidi Lakani, Owner


AMA Waterways

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AMA Waterways was recognized with the Best River Cruise Line Award for 2014 at Virtuoso Travel Week in Las Vegas. With AMA Waterway’s peaceful and scenic river cruises, one can be immersed in  culture, spirituality and adventure in one of their SE Asian cruises or enjoy historical cities with its castles and beautiful countryside in one of its many European journeys. “ As a family-owned and operated business, we always put people first – they really are the heart and soul of our company.”  –Kirstin Karst, Executive VP and Co-Owner



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“Active travel is the difference between looking at life and living it.” –Backroads. Providing outstanding active adventure in the most exciting places throughout the world, Backroads has a true passion for taking adventurers on life-changing journeys. Whether you go solo, with your favorite mate or the entire family, Backroads has a special journey just for you.


SeaDream Yacht Club

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“It’s yachting, not cruising. Enjoy the difference.” –SeaDream. With a crew to guest ratio of 95 (crew) to 112 (passengers), be prepared to be pampered like never before. SeaDream journeys include 5 star cuisine, ocean view accommodations, gratuities, wine with lunch and dinner, a water sports marina and so much more. We will help you choose from a variety of exciting journeys that will be the experience of a lifetime.


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