Why Use a Travel Advisor

1. Using a travel advisor can actually save you money.

There is a myth that using a travel advisor will add to the cost of your trip. On the contrary: A travel advisor not only has access to the same pricing you’ll find online, but many times will find even better pricing.

2. Working with a travel advisor will enhance your planning experience.

You may think that turning over the planning of your trip to a travel advisor will diminish your role. False! If you enjoy the research and planning aspect of a trip, working with a professional advisor will be like pairing up with a partner. Specifically a partner that will handle as many details as you like and will have countless suggestions and connections that would normally not be available to you on your own. Your own personal touch will still be the heart of your detailed, planned trip.

3. Your travel advisor will have more personal insight than Google.

Clients who use travel advisors know that they are a trusted and valuable resource. With personal knowledge of the travel industry, including a world-wide close network of relationships and personal experiences, this insight is more valuable than any website can offer. A good advisor will be able to validate your own research, offer suggestions and recommendations, and help you customize your trip to your personal interests, travel personality and budget.

4. Peace of mind is a guarantee.

Working with a professional travel advisor gives you a priceless gift: peace of mind. The stress of planning every detail of a trip is taken off your shoulders and put into the hands of a professional whose main objective is to give you the trip of a lifetime. Your travel advisor works on your behalf before, during and even after your trip is complete. Your responsibility? To relax when you arrive at your destination.

5. You’ll see for yourself why a trip planned by DiTusa Travel Group is so special.

Here are some travel experiences taken from some of our recent custom itineraries:

>> The only sound you hear are the musical chimes of goat bells as you hike a scenic trail meandering from hamlet to hamlet through the Alpujarra range of Andalucía.

>> As you walk the endless beach of Isla Holbox, a gem of a little island, you notice the sea is four different shades of green and turquoise, a beautiful contrast against its white sand with an impressive stand of hundreds of pink flamingos.

>> A vigorous hike takes you through a wonderland of rock mazes and turrets, colored in every brown and red hue imaginable. Your private guide adds to your experience with his knowledge, insight and good humor. You continue this incredible hike of Arches National Park knowing that a spa treatment, gourmet meal and outstanding bottle of wine awaits you at the Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa.

>> Cool, leafy gardens, stone arches and traditional wooden doors surround pretty courtyards lit by lanterns as night falls at this this Belmond Hotel Colonial gem. Just step outside and you are surrounded by San Miguel de Allende’s many colors, scents and sounds.

>> Today’s itinerary is simple: Get lost…as you wander the cobblestone streets and alleyways, stopping to take in the beauty of every ancient cathedral and museum that you pass. Take a break for a coffee or a glass of wine at one of the many charming plazas before heading in the opposite direction, here in Guanajuato.

>> History, a new learned skill and a sweet reward is all wrapped into one day as you learn to make authentic Italian gelato in a private class in Sorrento. You leave wondering where limoncello has been all your life, especially in gelato-form.

“People don’t take trips, trips take people.”

– – John Steinbeck – –