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Russ DiTusa, Travel Advisor

Russ DiTusa’s passion for travel began years ago when he accepted a position to live and work in Singapore, an opportunity that allowed him and his wife to extensively explore Southeast Asia. Since then, he has created custom itineraries for family and friends, and he has continued to further his own personal travels, with memorable trips to Spain, Scotland, Italy, the Caribbean, Mexico, Vancouver Island, the Hawaiian Islands, Alaska, and many more places in the continental United States.



Claire DiTusa, Travel Advisor

Claire DiTusa’s passion for travel began at a very early age. She was born in Singapore and traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia as a toddler. Her love for travel was honed and continued throughout her childhood years by her father’s well-planned, diverse family trips. Her Bachelor of Arts in Writing and Producing Television from Columbia College Chicago led her to Los Angeles where she and her husband reside today. Claire continues to explore the vast landscape of California as well as the rest of the globe. She is thrilled to be a travel advisor for DiTusa Travel Group.



Aaron Lyles, Behind the Scenes – Creative

A professional writer and photographer, Aaron Lyles is a self-proclaimed adventurer constantly on the prowl for a well told story or a masterful image. With a Bachelor of Arts in Writing, Literature and Publishing from Emerson College, Lyles went on to become a photojournalist for The Block Island Times, before launching both Aaron Lyles Photography and Pixel Lab in New York City. He continues to travel the world, writing and photographing from a unique perspective and is beyond thrilled to be able to carry this mission through as an active member behind the scenes at DiTusa Travel Group.

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.”

– – Paul Theroux – –